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portable studio speech 3.5mm microphone MIC Stand Mount For PC Laptop Skype

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3.5m microphone for computer chat,studio speech,network singing. especially suitable for UC. Read more
  • A high quality 3.5mm microphone MIC Stand Mount can be adjusted in a large range to a pitch angle for PC Laptop etc.


    • Microphone and bracket can be separated
    • Gold Plated plug, effective guarantee sound quality.
    • Back – pole type sound head, sound recording;
    • A switch that can turn on and off the microphone;
    • The stand can be adjusted in a large range (180 degrees) to a pitch angle;
    • A microphone is placed on a stand as a bench top, and a microphone is also preferable to use;
    • Feel comfortable, sound is not distorted, the effect is very good!
    • Perfect surface plating technology
    • 3.5 double channel plug, suitable for any computer model
    • Integrated design technology of audio cable and micro tube with tensile strength
    • Design for computer chat, network singing. Especially suitable for UC.
    • All directional, anti – noise, high – standard capacitor microphone, can be used for computer recording equipment
    • Equipped with a simple structure of the microphone, convenient for different use needs, can be used as a network communication tool
    • In the network: Mai sing video chat, upload audio input, business meetings etc.
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