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Supper Thin HDMI Male to HDMI male V1.4 HDTV Cable 1.5m with Alloy Shell Red

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Alloy Shell HDMI 1.4v M-M Gold Plated high speed Read more
  • High quality 1.5M Gold Plated Connection HDMI to HDMI male to male HDMI Cable V1.4 for LCD DVD HDTV


    • Supper thin HDMI male to HDMI male V1.4 HDTV cable 1.5M with Alloy Shell Red colour
    • Length: 150cm
    • Cable OD: 4.2mm
    • With many new Plasma & LCD TV wall instals, the weight of the HDMI cable can cause stress on the HDMI connector.
    • Over time this stress and the plugging and unplugging of cables can cause the HDMI connectors on your HDTV and devices to wear down or become damaged.
    • Avoid this situation and protect your HDTV investment with this Supper thin HDMI Cable.
    • This cable is able to alleviate stress from the HDMI connector by adapting the HDMI cable to suit most cable situations.
    • It is an easy way to extend the life your valuable equipment.
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