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1Meter HDMI to Micro HDMI connection data cable

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The new generation micro HDMI connection found on modern mobile phones, digital cameras and other portable devices where space for connections is limited. The new Micro HDMI “Type D” cable can handle digital video signals up to full 1080p HD from your handheld devices.HDMI male to Type D Micro HDMI Cable. Fits Windows Surface Tablets Stream Apps and Videos straight to your television! high speed AUDIO /VIDEO transfer cable Read more
  • Hi definition HDMI to HDMI Micro cable

    Audio/Video transfer at hi speed and quality

    perfect for laptop to HDTV or similar Applications

    Gold Plated Micro HDMI to Standard Male HDMI Cable for connecting HD LCD LED 3D Plasma TV 1080p Full HD with HDMI Port

    Tablet not included.


    • laptop to HDTV applications
    • High speed Data cable
    • 1080p Full HD
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