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White:T-Head Power Bank Male Connector DC MagSafe 2 Cable For Apple Macbook Air P

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Replacement cable connector adapter for apple products, Megasafe2 connector type 5.5/2.0 port support good quality and low cost replacement item Read more
  • This DC power cable one end is a 5.5×2.5mm male connector, another end is a MagSafe2 compatible connector for Apple Macbook computers.

    Special Note: 1>
    This connector is just a connector, does not provide a regulatory circuitry or voltage or current control circuit it is however a direct none enhanced through-put cable .
    Although this connector may fit many different Macbook computers. You should be aware that different Macbook computers Vary and may need different voltages and currents.
    Please ensure the power source of this connector (such as power adapters or batteries) can supply the voltage and current for your Macbook computers.
    The connector Type on this cable is MagSafe2 compatible.


    • T-head Apple DC cable, 5.5mm x 2.5mm Connector
    • For Apple MagSafe2 Macbook computers
    • Compatible with Laptop Power Bank (with 5.5/2.0 Port)
  • cable

    Cable Length: 1.8M (5.9 feet)

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