Why Choose Us? Really though?

The 'Why Choose Us' section is a common feature on most websites these days. Most sites go for options like ‘Free Shipping, Price-Matches, Money-Back Guarantees’ and so on. They are supposed to be short, sharp and easy-to-remember bullet points. 

Naturally we followed the same formula, but we feel that reasons for choosing Innov8 for your business are exponentially greater than a few bullet points. 

Simply put, the service we offer is unparalleled. Its an easy statement to make, but can we back it up? We talk the talk, but can we walk the walk?

Yes we absolutely can. 

We are in the extremely fortunate position to have influence and control over every aspect of the supply chain within our field. This is because our reach and resources are almost limitless. 

The moment you tell us what cable solution you require, we get to work immediately. We don’t pause for the weekend or even for the night. We are lucky enough to have staff working on the other side of the world which means you have someone round-the-clock focusing on and dedicated to your order. 

Consequentially, this means we can usually deliver a very fast turnaround on your product, and are sometimes able to complete productions of 2000+ cables and have them delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 weeks of your order being placed. 

Need branding too? No problem. We can even design and supply packaging if you need it. 

If you need something a little outside the box or different and other companies simply say no. We say yes (providing its something reasonable and legal of course). 

A good example comes from a recent customer who requested the ‘worlds smallest strain-relief’ on a USB Cable. Within 24 hours we had in our possession the mould for the worlds smallest strain-relief. 

Further to these points, we offer unbeatable customer service right here in the UK. This means you always have someone you can reach out to with any queries, concerns or anything else and we will be glad to assist you. 

We hope this elaborates a little bit more on why you should choose us as the cable supplier for your project, business, or even your personal needs.